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November 9th, 2012 Jacksonville, Florida. Freebird Live <3

All Time Low has been one of my favorite bands since 2006, I saw them last year on November 8th, 2011 but I didn’t get to meet anyone but this year I got to meet Jack I was so excited I look like crap but I don’t even care much anymore it’s the fact I got to hug and kiss him XD A few of the girls around me wrote on the bra and I did too; I threw it on stage and well the rest is history, the black marks are from phone numbers. The bra made it on stage on Jack’s stand too unlike last year mine went on Zack’s but it was all good :P the guys made some funny faces that night too. Jack’s poop face amazing, Jack picking his nose the best, Merrickat happened too, Jack shaked his thang ;) , Jack pointed to Zack while Alex had an “U OK there moment”, and Rian played so amazing and his teeth were so white and beautiful. Alex made a fat joke to Rian and I scream Rian is beautiful he smiled. Alex did his Therapy speech and pointed to my camera pretty much the while time it was just a really good night everyone was so amazing. 11.9.12

My Therapy video. Sorry it’s shakey I was getting pushed and my arms hurt.

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